Review Policy

Status: Currently accepting review requests!

To contact me about potentially reviewing your book, please send the following information in an email to or complete the form on my contact page:

  • Your name and the title of the book:
  • A description of the book and the genre(s):
  • A list of any trigger/content warnings applicable: 
  • Release date:
  • Anything specific you’d like me to discuss:
  • Whether you’re interested in doing an interview or giveaway: 
  • Deadline for the review (if applicable):

I am also open to doing book-related features outside of book reviews (e.g. author interviews, exclusive cover reveals, etc) if you are interested!

Reading Preferences

  • While I strongly prefer diverse and Own Voices books, I am open to reading anything other than the genres indicated below in my Would Not Read list! I prefer books in the adult, new adult, and young adult categories, but I may also consider reading books aimed toward younger audiences (middle grade and children’s literature). I consider myself an Own Voices reviewer of books with Japanese and/or Filipino representation, bisexual/pansexual representation, and nonbinary representation.
  • Highly Preferred Genres: Contemporary, Own Voices, LGBTQ+, Contemporary Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Poetry
  • Would Still Read: Mystery/Thriller, Historical Fiction, some Biography/Memoir and other Nonfiction
  • Would Not Read: most Nonfiction, Erotica, Horror/Gore, Religion/Spirituality
  • Format: For review copies, I accept both physical and digital formats (Kindle compatible), as well as audiobooks. Physical and digital copies are strongly preferred, as I run a bookstagram account and those are easiest to photograph for promoting books I enjoy!

Rating System

My reviews reflect my personal opinions and enjoyment of a book, as well as how likely I am to recommend it to other readers. I recognize that even if I did not personally connect with a book, there may be other readers who end up loving it, so this is something I aim to portray that in my reviews.

  • ★★★★★: I absolutely loved this book and might even consider it a new favorite! If there were any minor flaws, they were outweighed by the good aspects and my enjoyment of the reading experience. I would highly recommend this book to just about anyone, regardless of their reading preferences.
  • ★★★★☆: I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but did not like it enough to rate it 5 stars. There may have been some parts I didn’t connect with or minor things I would change, but I would still be likely to recommend it to others.
  • ★★★☆☆: I enjoyed some parts of this book, but it did not particularly stand out to me overall. There may have been a few issues I had with the book or things I would change about it. I might recommend this book depending on the person. 
  • ★★☆☆☆: I did not enjoy this book, but was interested in the concept or could see potential in it. There may have been problems with the book that I was unable to overlook. I most likely would not recommend this book, or would be quite hesitant to do so. 
  • ★☆☆☆☆:  I strongly disliked this book and struggled to get invested/maintain interest. I may also have found major issues with the book, such as problematic content or execution of the writing. I would not recommend it to anyone. 
  • There may be times where I choose to DNF (did not finish) a book. When this is the case, I may still post a review explaining where I stopped reading and my reasons for doing so. Even if I DNF, I will do my best to describe any aspects of the book that I did enjoy or saw potential in.

Policy for Book Reviews

  • Disclaimer: All reviews reflect my personal preferences, opinions, and reading tastes. I reserve the right to express my opinion as honestly as I can, which includes making criticisms that I believe are warranted, sharing unfavorable opinions, and addressing any problematic content.
  • My reviews will always include trigger warnings and content warnings.
  • Unless otherwise noted, my reviews will be spoiler-free.
  • If the book is an ARC or proof copy and no date is specified, I will aim to post my review within 2 weeks of (leading up to and after) publication or sooner.
  • I reserve the right not to post reviews for all ARCs or review copies I receive.